I provide face to face and telephone counselling support for all types of people to help them through the difficult periods in their lives.


A common concern we all have is that we don't want other people to think less of us when we're struggling to cope with life's day to day problems and issues. This obviously makes it difficult to find someone that we can share our thoughts and feelings with, this is the time when talking to a counsellor can be helpful.

Counselling helps you to take a closer look at yourself with the assistance of someone you trust. This trust is essential and only you can decide if you want to share your thoughts with a counsellor in order to help them to support you.

As a qualified counsellor I offer professional and confidential support in a safe environment where you can talk freely without fear of being judged or dismissed.

During the counselling we would work together to identify how current circumstances in your life are causing an issue at the moment and we'd consider different ways to reflect on these to get a clearer perspective of the real causes and solutions.

You may want to talk about the feelings, concerns, memories or images from the past that you've kept buried inside for so long which may now be impacting you and potentially stopping you enjoying and living your current life to the full.

Key concepts of transactional analysis

Below is an exploration of some of the key concepts of transactional analysis that I will use in our work together.


Ego-states refer to the three major parts of an individual's personality, based on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Our ego-states determine how we express ourselves as individuals; interact with each other, form relationships and how we generally behave. Understanding which ego state we are in helps our self awareness and self monitoring.

These ego-states are:

• Parent - Rooted in the past; a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours learnt from our parents and other people.

• Adult - Rooted in the present; relates to direct responses in the 'here and now' that are not influenced by our past. This tends to be the most rational part of our personality.

• Child - Rooted in the past; a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours learnt from our childhood.

I'm aware that in a lot of cases the hardest thing to do in the first instance is to actually ask for help. However, if you feel you are ready to ask for help and would like to talk to someone in complete confidence for support, please Get in Touch

Sam Shilton