Adult Counselling

Many people experience emotional and psychological challenges throughout their lives. They perhaps have worries and concerns which they feel are not appropriate to share with family or friends.

Counselling and Psychotherapy are ways of learning more about yourself and how you relate with others. The counselling therapy process helps you to gain a better perspective on whatever is troubling you. It helps you to look into the underlying causes of what may be stopping you living a full and meaningful life and being the person you really are.

The individual counselling sessions offer an uninterrupted and focused time to talk freely about whatever issues you choose to bring. In the safety of a confidential environment you can explore your thoughts and feelings at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Working together we can use the insights and techniques from psychodynamic counselling by bringing unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface; there is an emphasis on the influence of the past, and on  recurring  patterns of relationships. 

The focus and aim of therapy is for you to get a better understanding of your feelings, emotions and experiences gaining more self awareness.

Counselling is about enabling a person to make changes in their life. This often involves getting a clearer understanding of what led to having a particular problem in the first place. A difficult and painful situation in the present may have its roots in the past, but the individual may not be aware of the connection. During the counselling sessions we may consider your current difficulties in the context of past influences and experiences, exploring your childhood, significant relationships, beliefs and responses. By making sense of the past and gaining insight into your current situation, you may be able to recognise more choices available to you in order to make changes now and in the future.

If any of this relates to you or someone you know you can 'Get In Touch' by phone or e-mail and we can have an informal chat to explain more about how we can help.